Lovely Molly(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

There are those horror movies that continue to disturb you well after they have ended, and this is definitely one of them.The imagery, the story, just everything about this movie is designed to put you on edge and keep you there.

The movie is about a newlyweds Molly and Tim that have moved back into her childhood home, and while there, it is discovered her family holds some very dark secrets that threaten to tear everyone apart. It doesn't take long for things to start happening, and it is revealed that Molly is a recovering addict, so they think she is starting to use again. Which drugs is a part of it, but there's definitely something much deeper beneath the surface.

The movie has intermittent moments where Molly is recording things with her camera, and that's where it really gets disturbing as she sees things no one else can see. There were questionable things that happened involving her father that come to haunt her all over again. It does cause her to start using again, and it's easy for everyone around her to assume her behavior is because of that. But they are wrong...dead wrong. And then the ending comes that just makes it even more grim as well as makes you question things even further.

So definitely recommend watching this movie, it has genuine scares to it as well as some very disturbing scenes. Probably will even have to leave the lights on after viewing. If you have seen Lovely Molly, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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