Magic(1978)(Review)(Killer Toys Edition)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Christmas is coming, so I wanted to make a specialty this year and focus on… killer toys! And to start this month off, I thought I’d talk about a film that is decently known, but not with most of today’s audience.

'Magic' is a film starring Anthony Hopkins as a ventriloquist. He has a foul-mouthed dummy named Fats who shares the spotlight with him in a magic show. They tell jokes, they poke fun, and they are a big hit.

But as the stardom grows, Fats’ personality seems to elevate to new heights. And he almost seems to be taking over Anthony’s everyday persona.

I had expected this movie to be more of a possessed/killer doll kind of film, but it’s much more mature than that. Instead of a dummy that comes to life and kills people, we have a story of a magician who is losing his mind through this doll that he carries with him everywhere. He goes on a vacation to visit a girl he’s been in love with for years, and Fats has to persuade him to act out to impress her – including conspiracy to kill her current lover.

The violence is very reserved, and this movie could almost pass as a PG-13 if it wasn’t for the language, but there is a point where we might see the doll move on his own – it has a more whimsical feel to it than, say, Child’s Play. It’s an interesting film for sure, but it is not at all what I expected. Nonetheless, it’s worth a try.


‘Magic’ is currently streaming on HBO Max.

‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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