Mandy(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is a very artistic horror film where the visuals will captivate you more than the story, which is the movie's strength. The director makes sure you capture the very details of the colors, especially when the blood starts to flow, which trust me it does flow.

The premise is about the eponymous Mandy and her husband Red who find themselves victimized by a crazy cult known as the Children of the New Dawn. They kidnap and murder Mandy, and the rest of the film follows Red as he takes his gruesome revenge

This movie is very psychedelic in nature, which actually does have a plot point throughout the film. I will also say that Nicholas Cage is more known for his action films, but with his intense nature, he fits very well in the horror aspect as well. He has a rage Cage moment where he is just in his bathroom, drinking alcohol, in nothing but a shirt and his underwear, and it is so great to witness. As I mentioned before, it gets very bloody, and most of the film is Nicholas Cage just covered in blood, and he is so driven by revenge that he just doesn't care. There is one part where he meets a character played by Richard Blake(he played Doom Head in 31), and he takes one look at Cage, and he is like yeah, I am not going to even mess with this guy. And the ending, hoo boy, that ending. You just have to see it.

This is another movie that surprised me as I went in, really not expecting much, and I ended up really enjoying it. Sure it makes you feel like you are on an acid trip, as in really makes the effort so you feel the trippy scenes as they are being portrayed, but that's part of the movies charm. I definitely recommend checking this one out, and it will be one that will require multiple viewings just to understand everything. If you already seen Mandy, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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