Martin(Romero Month #3)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

George Romero brings us his twisted vision of a vampire tale in his movie Martin. Though this is not your average vampire movie. The plot is about a disturbed young man named Martin who believes he is vampire as he sedates women, and uses razorblades to feed on their blood.

This is a pretty disturbing movie to watch, especially when his delusions are just fed into more by his elderly cousin who refers to him as Nosferatu, and a radio DJ that Martin confides with who refers to him as The Count. The only people that Martin can rely on in a girl that lives with him named Christina who is trying to make sure he gets help, and a lonely depressed housewife which he ends up having an affair with.

The movie ends tragically with the misunderstood Martin dying at the hands of his delusional cousin. This is not an easy watch with the gruesome special effects being provided by Tom Savini. I think most of all this is a movie that looks at the crisis of mental health and the effects it can have if it is not acknowledged or even dealt with.

Definitely worth looking into though the film is very rare to find these days.

Till next time, stay scared!! - Tha Thrilla -

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