Mayhem(Quarantino-ween#3)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is a fun little movie to watch, especially for those always wanted to stick it to their bosses at work. This takes that thought to the very extreme. So the premise is about a man named Derek Cho who is having the bad day of bad days at his job, and he finds himself unjustly fired. However a mysterious virus hits him and everyone else in the building, a virus with an unique side effect. Essentially, it causes anyone infected to lose all inhibitions and any sense of morality. The building ends up locked down in a 8 hour quarantine, and Derek fights not only for his survival but as well as the survival of his job.

From the opening narration itself, you can tell this is going to be an off the wall movie, and it definitely lives up to that expectation. Once the craziness ensues, it doesn't let up until the very finish. This movie gets very bloody very quickly as people are taken out in very violent ways. The main character Derek lost his job as he was screwed, and as the virus takes hold, you can understand his drive for revenge. He doesn't care who he takes out in the process as he violently climbs the corporate ladder. He eventually partners with a client of his that he rebuked earlier in the movie, and as the movie nears its bloody finale, he even seems willing to sacrifice her. Even though they gave an implied yet volatile romantic connection together. But as bloody and extreme as this movie gets, it is also fun to watch as well. There is definitely dark humor all around, which just adds to the whole thing.

I definitely recommend checking this one out, currently you can find it on Shudder. If you already seen Mayhem, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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