Meet the Writers II

Greetings everybody, with the page going live next week we thought we'd take this weekend to introduce ourselves!

I'm Mike Cleopatra and I will be your host every Wednesday. My posts will range in variety from reviews (from everything from new releases to the old) to philosophical theories on the mechanisms inside the films themselves. My posts will not be limited to strictly horror, for I also watch a lot of Sci-Fi and animation (and let's not lie, most animation's can get rather scary, haha.) Consider it a 'pot luck' on whatever may happen!

For a little bit about me, I am a hip-hop artist from the Albany, NY Area. I don't have a specific genre because some songs are uplifting and heartfelt, while others are aggressive and poetic. You can find my works at ( ).

I am also a fiction horror writer. None of my works have been published as of yet, but I have an editor and agent currently helping me get my debut novella ready for publication, and I'll happily update you all on those as they progress.

Most of the films I'll review I personally purchase for my collection, for I go to a used DVD store atleast once a month and clear out the horror racks. I also use Shudder, Netflix, and Hulu on occasion.

My top 10 go-to horror films (in no real order) are as follows:

1.) Creepshow 2.) REC 3.) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4.) Night of the Living Dead 5.) The Critters Series 6.) John Carpenter's The Thing 7.) Maximum Overdrive 8.) The Blair Witch Project 9.) 28 Days Later 10.) As Above, So Below

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I'll answer as many as I can. The next 2 days will have you meet the rest of the staff here at The Gruesome Gazette, leading up to our grand launch on Monday!

Thank you all for checking us out, we really appreciate your time.

'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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