Mick Gordon – DOOM Eternal OST Review[Musical Mondays]

The DOOM video games have always been a balls-to-the-wall experience. Overtime they began to incorporate even heavier metal soundtracks, an increase in excessive violence, and more dimensions of Hell. And as the 2 most recent resurges in the series were released, we were given one hell of a soundtrack.

Composer Mick Gordon has fused the video games with contemporary heavy metal. The music has a very upbeat tempo to them, giving the additional adrenaline boost you need to get through the game. The games themselves transport you to Hell and Back, and there’s never been a more appropriate musical accompaniment for that. Mick fuses a series of power chords (that are rather Slayer styled), with demonic choir vocals and open spaced drum beats to really put you into the mood.

It’s a game that’s built around running and gunning, and even do rather repetitive tasks (by killing as many demons as you can with the limited number of weapons you find), and the music has enough changes to keep it encouraging and not so laborious.

The newest soundtrack is a feat and is a fun listen even without the game itself. He hired a heavy metal choir of talent (using screamers and singers alike with references) and made some power ballads for a new generation of gamers.

Have you played this game yet? What did you think?

Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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