Monster In My Pocket[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Who here besides me remembers Monsters In My Pocket? They were these small collectible monsters that literally would fit in your pocket.They released around 200 of the little buggers, and they became popular enough to spawn comic books, trading cards, and there was even a cartoon and video game based off of them. I dont recall if I was able to ever collect them all, but I has a good bit of them. There were so many varieties and variations you could find and collect, and you could find them in stores, sometimes in cereal boxes. Remember when the cool toys were included with your cereal. You would dump out the cereal just to find the hidden toy. Man those were the days.

Anyway, getting side tracked here. Does anyone else remember Monster In My Pocket? Did you collect them and if so, how many did you collect? Do you remember the comics or even know they had a cartoon series and video game? Feel free to weigh in below!!!

Till next time, stay scared!!! -Tha Thrilla-

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