Mortal Kombat Soundtrack Review[Musical Monday]

There is very little out there soundtrack wise that is as iconic as the Mortal Kombat Original Soundtrack. Even though it; s not exactly a horror film, the Mortal Kombat movie flirts with horror, supernatural and science fiction elements enough to qualify. The reason why the movie succeeded as much as it did and built a cult following was due to the music. Containing music from artists such as Gravity Kills, KMFDM, Orbital, Fear Factory and more, this soundtrack absolutely slaps as the kids say.

I know for me, it is a constant on my playlist when I am looking to get myself motivated. If you have yet to give this a listen, do yourself a favor, and do so. Do it now. If for no other reason, than to hear what has become the official Mortal Kombat theme song, which I will drop the link to below!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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