Night of the Demons(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Man, Night of the Demons was such a fun movie to watch, and it is still something I enjoy to this very day. Released in 1988, and this is the very definition of an 80s horror film, which just adds to the charm.

The movie centers around a group of teenagers who decide to have a Halloween party at an abandoned funeral parlor. Bad idea as this releases demons who seek to possess a body as this the one time they can do so. Of course with the teenagers, all the stereotypes are represented, you have the slut, the jock, the token black guy, the slob, the pristine one, and the goth kid. The goth girl, played in spirit by Amelia Kinkade, is the highlight as she ends up becoming the main demon. Heck, she right on the cover of the DVD.

Speaking of her, the most memorable part of the movie is her dance when she comes possessed. It is definitely out there, and then the strobe effect comes in, making it is even more unnerving. Meanwhile "Stigmata Matyr" by Bauhaus is playing in the background, which just adds even more to the scene. Of course, I loved it being goth myself. But others probably had the same reaction as the jock who starts slowly backing away from the madness taking place.

Being an 80s horror film, it doesnt shy away from the macabre imagery with a good helping of gratuitous nudity. You will see bare ass, boobs, and even a full frontal shot on one of the women, especially with her using lipstick in a way it should not be used. I just remember that particular scene where it just comes out of completely nowhere and it's just so freaky on how that particular scene unfolds. Also, I suppose as an anecdote there is a sequence involving an cranky old man who hates Halloween as well as kids. So he plans to buy apples to hide razor blades in, which is really messed up if you think about it, but don't worry his plan backfires on him big time.

I do know the lipstick from the first film plays a part in the sequel, which of course this film got a sequel with Amelia reprising her role again as the head demon. The sequel is even more out there. There was a third movie made as well but that one is extremely hard to find, plus from memory, it ended up not being as good.

So definitely recommend checking this movie out, it is a fun one to watch on Halloween. It's one of those 80s horror films you will never stop enjoying no matter how many times you watch it.

Till next time, stay scared!!

-Tha Thrilla-

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