Nox Arcana - Transylvania(Review)[Musical Monday]

Nox Arcana are notorious for producing soundscapes to your darkest nightmares, and most of them are concept albums. The album Transylvania is based on the story of Count Dracula, and most of songs are fitting, featuring pipe organ, wolves howling, and bats flitting about. Each song helps build the atmosphere and tell a story with the music alone.

Some of the standout tracks are "Gossamer Mist", "Into the Shadows", "Castle Dracula", "Brides to Darkness", "Grande Masquerade" "Gothic Sanctum", and "Night of the Wolf"

I definitely recommend checking this album, especially if you like anything involving vampires and Dracula. Heck I would even say this would be the perfect mood setting for you as read Dracula or any vampire novel. This is definitely perfect for any horror fan. Be sure to check out Nox Arcana as they are one of my favorite horror composers, and they put out a lot of great work, and I am sure I will review other albums they have released

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla

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