Poltergeist(1982) Soundtrack Review[Musical Monday]

Going deep in the way back machine for this one, I am going to be featuring the magnificent soundtrack to Poltergeist by none other than Jerry Goldsmith. The soundtrack was design specifically to evoke emotion, and complimented the scenes perfectly. You will find yourself scared or driven to tears just from the music accompaniment alone.

For example...I have watched this movie many times. The scene where the family is all together with the paranormal researchers, and they are making contact with Carol Anne through the TV, and everyone is bawling their eyes out. That still chokes me up no matter how many times I watch it.

The highlights for me are "The Calling/The Neighborhood", "Twisted Abduction", "Contacting the Other Side", "It Knows What Scares You", "Night of the Beast", and of course "Carol Anne's Theme".

In all, this is a solid soundtrack to add to any horror fan's collection and personally for me, it is something I break out to add ambiance every Halloween season.

Till next time, stay safe and stayed scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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