Poltergeist II(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Poltergeist II is my favorite film of the franchise, as much as I enjoyed the first film, this one was a little more enjoyable. It directly follows after the events of the first film as Carol Anne and her family are dealing with the aftermath of their encounters with the paranormal. It seems while Carol Anne was on the other side, she caught the attention of a certain Reverend Kane. Very creepy looking guy. In life, he was one of those doomsayer types, so he and his followers holed themselves up to survive the end of the world. However when the world did not end as he predicted, he wouldn't let anyone leave, and they all died together. But being the evil bastard he was, he wouldn't accept death, so his spirit lived on as a demon.

He wants the light that Carol Anne has, so he terrorizes them, but her family has backup in the form of an Indian named Taylor as well as Tangina from the first film. There is not as many scary creep out moments as the first film had, but there are still some in this one. I think I liked this one more because of the fact it really has more of theme of the strength of the human spirit as well as coming together as a family. When you unite as a family in strength and love, no evil can ever defeat that

Definitely recommend watching this, but I wouldn't bother with Poltergeist III as it's the weakest entry of the franchise. But that may be a review for another time

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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