Puppet Master Retrospective Part 1[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

With over a dozen films in the series, and rumors of a reboot/remake, the Puppet Master franchise still proves to have a strong following. What exactly is it about the series that keeps drawing people in? That is something I will attempt to look at, starting first with the very first movie in the franchise. I don't know exactly if I will get around to reviewing every film in the franchise, but I will certainly do my best.

So the first film is about a group of psychics who called to the Bordega Bay Inn where they discover one of their compatriots has committed suicide. While they are there, they are assailed by visions as well as the secrets hidden within the estate.

The secrets being the titular puppets running around, in this movie we got Pinhead, Tunneler, Leech Woman, Jester, and Blade. Blade is like the most known puppet from the series, and gets top billing amongst the big boys such as Jason, Freddy, and Michael. He proves his deadliness to come in the first film but he is not responsible for the nastiest kills in this film. No that honor goes to Leech Woman. Why is she called that you wonder? Because she literally vomits leeches on her unsuspecting victims. There's a particularly gross scene where she vomits a huge leech into someone's mouth. Just gross.

The first film is just your average monster movie, filled with blood and gruitous nudity. There's a final twist at the end where the "puppetmaster" overextends his reach and gets his comeuppance at the hands of all the puppets. So even though the puppets are evil, you definitely do not want to cross them as their master finds out.

Definitely recommend watching this, it is a fun film. Stay tuned for the next film to be reviewed in October, at least that is my plan at the moment. I think I will just intersperse the Puppet Master reviews here and there, and hopefully be able to review every film available in the franchise. Let's see if I actually can succeed in that, but it will be a fun endeavor either way

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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