Puppet Master Retrospective Part II(Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Apologies for this being so late, I got sidetracked but I have not forgotten. I need to really get this going again as I have other retrospectives I want to do, so let's get started

The second film had the unofficial title of Puppet Master II: His Unholy Creations, and picks right up after the first movie. The puppets dig up their master Andre Toulon, and shortly after that a group of parapsychologists are sent to investigate a mysterious murder at a hotel. This ends up being a clever ruse so the puppets are able to harvest brains for their master.

In this movie, the puppets Pinhead, Blade, Tunneler, Jester, and Leech Woman return, joined by a new addition named Torch. Torch is significant as he is responsible for causing the first child death in the series. That whole segment was weird, I think the kid was pretending to be Indiana Jones or something. Anyway he goes so far to whipping his toys with an actual whip, and makes the mistake of doing that to Torch when he shows up. Also during the movie are favorite horror actor George Buck Flowers shows up, which I never realized just how many horror movies he actually starred in, this guy was a legend.

Andre Toulon does reveal himself to the group but when he initially does so, he shows up dressed like the Invisible Man from the 1933 movie and says his name is Eriquee Chanee which I feel is a reference to the late great Lon Chaney. He has other designs for his purpose of gathering the brain matter as he tells the puppets is to help them live longer. When the puppets find out they been tricked again, they are not too happy. It all ends on a very creepy cliffhanger.

As a whole, this was a better movie than the first one. It had more substance and a better plot. It had some pretty gory kills as well. It takes the Puppet Master saga in the right direction, and we shall see if it stays that way.

Stay tuned for Part III!!

Til next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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