Rabid(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Rabid is one of David Cronenberg's first forays into the realm of body horror, and the film itself is about a woman who has a motorcycle accident, and decides to go through experimental surgery to help herself be able to return to normal life. However, this causes her to develop a stinger that feeds on human blood. Anyone she feeds on becomes infected with a very extreme form of rabies, which they can spread via biting other people.

The woman, who was played by a porn actress Marilyn Chambers, is very believable in her plight. She doesn't even understand what is happening to her or realize she is the source of the infection, even when the movie ends, she still doesn't believe. This movie isn't bad as his other movies as far as body horror goes, but you could say in this movie, there are definitely sexual connotations in the way the body horror is portrayed. I would say it is a low-key version of Shivers, which uses sex to spread infection via a parasitic organism. Both films are similar in using the mad scientist approach, except in Rabid, it's not clear if this was purposely or just an accidental mutation.

This movie ended up with a remake that was released in 2019, and it was a stinker. That one had Laura Vandervoort in the main role, which is she was good, but what they messed the formula which made the original film work so well. In the remake, it follows the whole experimental surgery causes an unexpected mutation, but instead, they make it clear it was a mad doctor who caused it. He wants to propagate the species of his creation, and why is that you ask? What could possibly motivate him to do this you ask? Because his wife had cancer. Yeah. The remake was pretty dumb if you ask me

Instead, being the purist I am, I recommend checking out the original. In fact, I would watch both Shivers and Rabid, it doesn't matter in what order, but I definitely feel the two are companion pieces

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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