Random Acts of Violence(2019)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

A comic book writer sets off on a tour through the U.S. to promote his latest – and final – effort in his long-running series which is based on the real I-90 Murders. And as they travel, they run into many situations where it appears that the character he created is being imitated in real life. Corpses bound together on the side of the road. Decapitations in particular postures. A little kid being shot point-blank in the face. It’s a brutal little film with some impressive gore effects.

Some of the murders are rather vicious, and they are shown in great detail. And the ending has a premise that does deliver along with what the viewer is guessing may be happening. It doesn’t have many surprises, but it does deliver on its promises.

It’s a fun film from comedian Jay Baruchel who is trying his hand in horror for the first time (he wrote, directed, and starred in it). For a debut effort, it’s certainly worthy of a watch. I don’t see much replay value in it myself, but it’s fun for a visit when you have nothing else to watch.


‘Random Acts of Violence’ is currently available for streaming on Shudder.

‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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