Raven's Hollow(Realm of Shadows Reissue) - Midnight Syndicate(Review)[Musical Monday]

Midnight Syndicate - Raven's Hollow(Realm of Shadows Reissue)

I remembering first encountering the music of Midnight Syndicate while I was visiting a haunted attraction. As soon as I was able, I tracked down their music, and acquired as many of their releases that I could. They compose the perfect spooky mood music, and I am still very much a fan of their works

This album is full of music that will invoke the spirits themselves. It is something to listen to in complete darkness, with the exception of lit candles or incense...take your pick. The songs will go from being hauntingly beautiful to wracking your nerves. These would be a perfect soundtrack to a horror movie...or if you are looking to scare the kiddies coming to your doorstep looking for sweets.

My favorites are "Into the Abyss", "Noctum Aeternus", "Eye of The Storm", "Realm of Shadows", "Raven's Hollow", "The Summoning", "Twilight" and "Witching Hour"

If you are a fan of scary ambient soundtracks to your nightmares, then I definitely recommend giving this a listen. This isn't too much different from the original version, just has a different intro and a bonus track. And be sure to check out Midnight Syndicate's other offerings. Fun fact is one of the members of Midnight Syndicate went on to create a companion band of sorts known as Nox Arcana. Their music is just as great and it would be hard for me to choose a favorite as they both equally have something unique to offer. The way I see it you can never have too much ambient scary music, and they both create great masterpieces when it comes to that department.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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