Re-Animator(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

I figured this would be the perfect segue from Splattery September to the start of my annual Halloween celebration. Re-Animator is a movie directed by the Stuart Gordon who truly paid tribute to HP Lovecraft's works, and is loosely based on the short story "Herbert West - Re-Animator".

The movie is about the eponymous Herbert West, a mad scientist who designed a formula that resurrects the dead. He expects to be able to control those he reanimated, but that doesn't go as planned. Especially when a rival doctor tries to steal the same formula so he can take all the credit.

This is a movie full of light humor with a heaping of slight gore and nudity. So if you aren't turned off by the sight of naked corpses running amok, you should be fine here. One scene that might make you turn your head involves a naked screaming Barbara Crampton, who definitely is fulfilling her scream queen duties in this movie. What happens to her in that scene is pretty sick I will warn.

Despite the ending that seemed to close the book on the whole affair, the film was successful enough to get two sequels, Bride of Re-Animator and Beyond Re-Animator, which I am sure we will touch on in future entries. But if you are a fan of the Lovecraft universe, and especially Stuart Gordon, this movie will wet your whistle. Very fun horror flick that will elicit laughter along with occasional groans of disgusts!!

Next week official begins my Halloween segments, so stay tuned for that

Till next time, Happy Halloween and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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