Resident Evil ViIIage(Review)[Weirdo Wednesdays]

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we're seeing the dawn of a new age. We here at the Gazette are expanding beyond soundtracks and film and tackling our first video game entry. And... What a perfect first entree we have.

**No spoilers contained within that you wouldn't get from the promo trailers**

Village is officially the 8th entry in the numbered series, and the second one in the first-person 'Mold trilogy.' What starts as a simple quest of a man searching for his kidnapped newborn turns into a plunge to the darkest parts of his psyche. As you follow the trail of blood leading from the kidnappers vehicle through the dark snow that leads you to a new place in the RE universe - The Village.

The Village has it all - a large, gothic castle; a rusted factory of experimentation; a haunted mansion; and even a small squatters' zone that's been submerged in water. Oh, and the village itself is experiencing some newly strange phenomena. There are regular citizens being stalked and hunted by something... Something mean and powerful.

The series offers a lot of variety in your doses of horror, leaning further away from the traditional shambling zombies and into a world full of monsters and mad men. But don't let the idea concern you - this is a direction the game needed to pursue to liven things up. Continuing the direction and play style of the 7th entry (Biohazard) and mixing it with the best of Resident Evil 4, you get an algorithm that is fun, addictive, and hardly repetitive.

There isn't a single portion of this game that wasn't fun to play. Everything has something new and exciting to explore. Your character goes through Hell and back and it's ridiculously fun to go through it.

Story aside - the controls are smooth and natural. The sound design is terrifying. The level design is INCREDIBLE. The monster design is top notch. And the graphics are just... *chef's kiss*

This game is incredible. After you beat it, you unlock a sort of PP Exp Points. These are used to unlock new weapons, attachments, bonus material, and other things to enhance the reason to replay all over again. You get these for doing challenges and unlocking achievements (even more incentive to play!)

The game gained popularity for its large vampire woman you see in the memes and the trailer, and thankfully it surpasses all the hype it's been gaining.


"Resident Evil Village" is now available on all current & future gen consoles and PC.

Have you played it yet? What did you think? Save your spoilers but let us know what scared you or excited you the most!

'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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