Satan's Little Helper(Review)(Halloween #1)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Every now and then, you find an undiscovered gem, you watch it not sure what to expect, and before the night is over, it has become one of your favorite Halloween movies.

Satan's Little Helper is one of those movies. So the premise is an annoying naive snot-nosed kid, and I do mean that, he is annoying, and you just want him to die already, he plays this game called Satan's Little Helper where you have to kill people and send them to hell. It sounds like a game that no kid should have, which definitely would not fly nowadays. So, he meets a masked man just as Halloween is approaching, at least it is implied it is a man, who wears a freakish mask that decides to go on a killing spree. He doesn't speak or do anything to reveal his true identity. So the kid meets him, and they go off together to meet the kid's family as the kid thinks the guy is Satan. So during most of the movie, the kid is aiding and abetting the killer until he realizes that he is deep over his head. And then chaos ensues

I think the really enjoyable part of the movie is you really don't know who this guy really is, or if he is actually human at all. There are some beginning scenes and ending scenes that give you clues to a possible identity, but it is really left up to interpretation of the viewer. It is easy to see why he chose Halloween as his night of terror, as it would be easy to blend in. I mean he literally kills people in broad daylight, and poses with their dead bodies, and people think it is just all part of the act. What almost ruins the movie from being as perfect as it is would be the kid. He is as annoying as he is stupid, but without him, the movie wouldn't have delivered in the way it did, so cannot complain too much. Overall, this was an entertaining movie, and one I highly recommend adding onto your queue for Halloween if you have not done so already.

What are your thoughts on Satan's Little Helper if you have seen it? Feel free to weigh in below!!

Till next time, stay scared -Tha Thrilla-

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