Satanic Panic(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Sam is a pizza delivery girl who simply wants to make some money at a job she doesn’t care for. Granted, it’s only her first day on the job, but she was pretty sure she’d get a decent amount of tips to help her with her gas tank. But her last order of the night goes to a wealthy neighborhood where they are having a party and get over $100 worth of pizza. Naturally, they do not tip. For Sam, this is the last straw. She breaks into the house to demand a tip – only to discover that it is a home for high society Satanists who need a virgin for a sacrifice.

This film is a good blend of horror and comedy without sacrificing one over the other. Horror comedies are usually very one sided and not entirely good, but Chelsea Stardust did a great job directing this one. It has a unique voice and, while the story may not sound the most original, it has a great way to deliver it.

Certain highlights include death by a giant drill dildo (a drilldo?), witchcraft-powered fighting, and a super intense ending that includes demons, an orgy, and lots of death. It’s a fun film to watch that earnestly wears its love for horror on its sleeves. If you can find yourself a copy I would suggest watching it with some friends (it’s definitely a popcorn flick) and enjoying some good awkward laughs, but if you need to go out of your way to find it, you’re not missing too too much.

Also worth noting that the version available at Wal-Mart has a slip cover that just titles it "Panic", but the real cover is on the box itself underneath.

Satanic Panic is available for streaming on Shudder.


'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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