Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Trilogy(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Earlier, we featured a review of the movie, but today I want to focus on the books that the movie was based on. There were three books total, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Scary Stories 3. They were all authored by Alvin Schwartz, with illustrations by Stephen Gammell. The stories which were all based on urban legends and various folklore from my memory were all not that frightening in themselves. Some of them were a bit disturbing for children, and some of them were quite silly, especially the infamous "Hearse Song". But it was not the stories themselves you had to worry about giving you nightmares. Oh no.

It was the illustrations that were the nightmare fuel. Each story was accompanies by an illustration, and you were exposed to every grisly detail. At the time when these books were originally released, we tolerated more. So it was perfectly suitable that little Johnny or little Susie were okay to be subjected to these nightmarish drawings. Who care if it gave them nightmares? We certainly didn't. I think my first introduction to the series was back when I was about 12 years old, and I cannot remember if I had any nightmares per say, but I will say the images haunted me way after I reached the end of my journey within. I am sure it got to a point where parents ended up complaining, so in 2011, the books were released with new kid-friendlier illustrations. The fans of the originals caused enough of a stink to have the series released again in 2017 with the original illustrations

The stories were a wide range, featuring everything from a severed toe, a dog sized rat, a woman who's face gets impregnated by spiders, a revenge seeking scarecrow, and a werewolf. The stories weren't all that long, and you could most likely finish the whole series in a day. If you have not come across them by now, well what are you waiting for? I recommend checking them out, and horror fans will eat them up. Just don't blame me if you get nightmares from the images you are subjected to.

What are your thoughts on the series? Do you still own the original copies? Did the illustrations disturb you? Feel free to weigh in below!!

Till next time, stay scared!! -The Thrilla-

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