Season of the Witch(Romero Month#2)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

George Romero is well known for his celebral horror, and his movie Season of the Witch is definition of that. Not one of his best films, this is about a bored neglected house wife who decides to dabble in the occult.

The movie begins with a dream sequence with the wife following her husband Jack who is completely ignoring her the whole time. She gets attacked by branched repeatedly, and comes across herself swinging on a swing. Then wakes up and goes into another dream where her husband puts her on a leash. and then puts her in a kennel. So we are getting a sense that the marriage is strained before we learn the husband is not only neglectful but abusive as well.

Of course the wife wants out, so she decides to become a witch in able to do so. This is her way of reclaiming her power, and she uses that power to her advantage. For example she successfully seduces a professor that she rebuked earlier in the film due to fact of him being a snarky pervert. Everything would be fine if not for the dreams she keeps having of a masked intruder assaulting her. This leads to an ending where she accidentally murders her husband, and shows her initiation into a coven. But does she really have her power, or is this all in her head. At the end of the film, she is still referred to as Jack's wife, which was the initial title of the movie. It was also almost called Hungry Wives and marketed as a softcore pornography, but failed to find an audience.

This movie is very talky, and it can be confusing when it jumps between dream and reality. There's definitely a message it is saying about the power of feminism and escaping from the trappings of males who are not very redeeming. Definitely worth watching, it is currently streaming on Shudder. Just don't expect a lot from it though.

Till next time, stay scared!! - Tha Thrilla -

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