Silent Night, Deadly Night 2(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

There are bad movies, and then there are BAD movies. The particular subset of movies that are so bad that they are an entertainment in themselves. Somehow these movies end up with a cult following celebrating just how hilariously awful they are.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 is one of those movies, a sequel we never asked for, but we got it anyway. It joins the ranks of other terribleness such as The Room and Troll 2. We join Ricky, the brother of the killer from the first movie. He was committed to a mental asylum, and we follow his story of how he ended up there in the first place. I dont know where they found this guy, but the actor who plays Ricky is more than happy to chew the scenery, as he wiggles his eyebrows up and down. This movie has the formula all bad movies need. Clunky dialog, gratuitous nudity, continuity errors, bad acting, and plot holes a mile deep.

And we can't forget the most important line of all. You know the one. Yes the infamous "Garbage Day!!!"

It is better just to suspend all thought processes if you decide to watch this clunker, and just enjoy it at face value. If you go into it not taking it seriously, you may yourself just laughing at the various bad lines and awfulness that unfolds. And if you don't enjoy it, then Ricky will come to your house, deem you NAUGHTY, and PUNISH you.

Let me know your thoughts below about Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 if you have seen it

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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