Slumber Party Massacre 2(Review)[Twisted Terrible Thursday]

Hey, I haven't done these in awhile. So a mutual friend challenged me to review Slumber Party Massacre 2. What are my thoughts on this movie? Well it's terrible but it's only saving grace is the killer. He is the best part of this entire movie. Let's recap shall we?

So the movie follows the events of the first film. One of the survivors named Courtney is having dreams of a handsome hunk interspersed with images of a greaser dressed all in leather. Yeah, dreams are a big factor in this movie. Nightmare on Elm Street was gaining steam about the time this movie was produced which was in 1987. I suppose the director was like hey dreams and dream killers are the latest thing, so let's go with that.

Which would have been great if the movie was interesting...which it is not. Instead we are dealing with Courtney as she has lurid dreams of her crush Matt before it turns into dreaming of the drill killer.

Her and her gal pals, who are in a band btw, and yes we get to see them awfully play their awful music because that's what we want to see right, they decide to stay at a condo for her birthday. We see scenes of the girls doing girl stuff, which includes eating corn dogs and drinking champagne. And of course, we get gruitous nudity as the girls break out into dancing before getting into a pillow fight and one of the girls decides to take off her shirt and bra during this.

As this is happening, two of the girl's boyfriends show up named Jeff and TJ. Oh let's talk about TJ...I could not wait for him to be killed. He was the most annoying character in the movie. And he is like almost the last person to die because this movie is hell and we are all in misery. But I digress.

So the girls are relaxing at the pool, TJ decides to push Courtney in the pool, and triggers another dream sequence as she nearly drowns. More weird stuff happens such as when Courtney goes to open the fridge, she is attacked by whole frozen chicken which decides to hump her chest and spew blood all over her. There is also a scene, a pretty gross one, when she and another girl named Sally are talking in a bathroom, and her face inexplicably contorts as a giant zit forms. It bursts, spewing yellow fluid everywhere. Courtney thinks her friend is dead, and goes to tell the others. They call the cops because Sally in nowhere to be found. Going all in on wanting that sweet sweet money being grabbed by the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, one of the cops is named Krueger. Coincidence...I think not. So as the cops are grilling them, Sally shows up alive and well, saying she went to the store. Without telling anyone?? Like come on girl!!

Courtney decides to relax with a nice bubble bath. I fully expected a drill bit to pop up between her legs in a suggestive manner, but instead the bathtubs fills with blood as she has more visions of the killer. She jumps out and closes the bathroom door as blood continues to flood from under the door.

So we are almost done with the kills have actually transpired. Most of the movie has been wasted on shenanigans with the girls and their boyfriends, and Courtney's dreams. We get to a part where Courtney is in bed with Matt(he did manage to show up), and they are just about to get it on. But before Matt can do any penetrating, he is the one who gets penetrated by a drill attached to the guitar of the drill killer. The best sequences of the movie have finally begun. So I guess like with Freddy in the Nightmare movies, Courtney's dream was enough to make it so the killer is manifested in real life. It's not really explained but I am guessing that's what they were going for.

Let's talk about the killer though..he has his sweet ass guitar with a drill attached to it...a drill-tar is my term for it..and is the coolest character by far in the entire movie. After killing Matt, he goes after the other people, slashing at TJ, who only suffers a flesh wound(Dammit!!). He kills Sally as the others run off. Jeff and Courtney try to take off in the car, except the killer pops up in the backseat and dispatches Jeff. TJ and the other girl try to run to nearby house for help, but the killer finds them and offs TJ. Finally!!

The girl runs back to the condo as Courtney and some other chick hide in a bedroom. And here is the best damn part of the movie. The killer breaks out into a song and dance number as he stalks the girls. Words alone cannot describe the perfection of this scene. I mean just look at it for yourself!

After that concludes, and he offs another girl, Courtney and the other chick run off to an abandoned construction site. The killer finds them, kills the other girl, leaving just him and Courtney. She responds to him by lighting him on fire, and she wakes up in bed next to Matt. Was this all just a nightmare? She and him kiss and then she finds herself kissing the killer. She screams and wakes up again, this time in a mental ward.

So was the movie just all a big paranoid fantasy the whole time? That I don't know...what I do know is this is a movie that was so bad that if it wasn't for the killer, I probably would have dozed off. I guess I can see them trying to go for what was popular with the whole nightmare come to life bit. But it took its sweet time getting there.

Till next time, Happy Halloween and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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