Snow White: A Tale of Terror(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

There has been many adoptions of the Snow White tale, but did you know there was a horror movie adaption? It's called Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and Sigourney Weaver does wonderful in her portrayal of the evil queen.

The story in this movie sees a girl named Lily being born, and her mother dies during her birth. The father remarries a woman who is obsessed with her beauty, and she becomes pregnant as well. She loses the baby, and subsequently sees herself as less beautiful, which leads her to blame Lily. She becomes focused on killing her in order to reclaim the beauty she lost.

Some of the elements of the original story still show up here, such as the magic mirror, and the evil queen turning into an old woman to trick Lily into eating a poisoned apple. That sequence was creepy to say the least. There was also slight variations to other elements, for example instead of a hunter being hired to cut out Snow White's heart, the queen has her own brother do it. Instead of the seven dwarves, she is taken in by seven vagabonds. And even though the handsome prince is featured here, he isn't the one Lily ultimately falls in love with.

As a whole, this was more of a darker gothic horror version of the Snow White tale, and it is pretty entertaining. Not entirely scary, but some creepy moments are to be had. Definitely recommend it for those who are unfamiliar with the movie and want to see what this it is all about.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! - Tha Thrilla-

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