Splice(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This is one weird movie, let's just address that from the get go. Splice is a horror film that combines science fiction with a dose of body horror, and the result is a weird blend that takes you on a wild ride beyond the limits of your imagination.

The film about two scientists that specialize in gene splicing that creates new species. One day they decide to create a hybrid creature of human and animal DNA, and at first it meets every one of their expectations. But soon, they find themselves over their heads as the creature becomes their worse nightmare.

The creature effects in Splice are definitely very well done, if not a bit unnerving at times The creature they create is female, and as a result is something that is exotic and otherworldly, especially as it evolves. One of the scientists remarks what is the worse that can happen, well the worse is exactly what happens. You can say this movie is a lesson about messing with the laws of nature, and as a result, both of the scientists get their due punishment for doing so

This movie does turn creepy as it goes on, the creep factor reaching yeesh levels at times. However, it will also enthrall you to the point even when you may be grossed out by what you see, at the same time, you can't turn away.

Definitely recommend checking this one even despite the fact it may disturb you. It even may require multiple viewings just to totally understand what exactly is happening. But totally worth watching at least once.

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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