Spring(2014)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

The duo directors behind this film peaked my interest with their 2017 indie flick The Endless. Without going into much detail, that film had an interesting story, some impressive CGI, but most importantly, the direction was fantastic. The camera showed a lot of clever images that helped sell the authenticity of the story, and helped motivate the audience to appreciate the strange and alien-esque story they were watching.

A website I frequently browse called Bloody-Disgusting had placed this team’s earlier effort Spring in their top 25 films of the decade, so when I saw it was streaming on Shudder I immediately put it on.

Spring is basically a creature feature disguised as a love story. It has a lot of heart and emotion, as well as some disturbing images and a clever idea at its core. It’s about a man named Evan who recently buried his sick mother. After the funeral, a series of events leads him to travel abroad to Italy to find himself and try to get his life back together. When he gets to Italy, he initially spends the first nights indulging in heavy alcohol use with two new friends he met at a bar. When they go to a hotel a few days in, Evan locks eyes with a mysterious woman named Louise who immediately reciprocates the eye contact. A spark is instantly felt between them and he attempts to pursue a relationship.

Evan takes up a job as a farm hand for a work-for-room set up. This gives him a reason and a means to stay local to Louise while he continues to pursue her. Little does he know though that Louise has a dark and deadly secret.

The film is absolutely gorgeous – the scenery, the lighting, and the way in which its shot is thoroughly pleasing. It’s not hard to see why such an independent movie has received the praise that it has. Safe to say, the team of writers/directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead has my full attention. I’m anxious to check out the rest of their catalog, as well as any future endeavors they present.

Spring is available for streaming on Shudder.


'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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