Sputnik(2020)(Review)[Foreign Fridays]

Sputnik is a brand new movie from Russia. When the vessel of 2 astronauts crashes back to Earth, all that remains is a bloody mystery. One is basically on life-support and the other is perfectly fine. But when he is taken in by a Special Defense Force and examined, they make a thrilling discovery that he has acquired a hitchhiker that lives inside of him.

This movie to me is like a combination of Venom and Silence of the Lambs. Most of it is a police-like investigation where the contaminated astronaut is locked in a room behind glass and he is being examined by all different sorts of scientists. He seems perfectly normal during the day, but at night his hitchhiker escapes and roams the room. He is an adorable alien that looks like a mix of a Gremlin and The Blob. As the investigations continue, more shocking discoveries are made.

I enjoyed this film more than I was expecting to. It starts off slow, and it honestly doesn’t pick up much speed, but it’s a very interesting approach to the story. The investigations are interesting and the dialogue has some weight within it, and there’s lots of violence scattered throughout. The music is absolutely astounding – reminding me of Hans Zimmer with a lot of bass and strong brass horns – the CGI is nearly as good as the Jurassic World series, and the actors all fill their roles wonderfully.


‘Sputnik’ is currently streaming on Hulu.

‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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