Starry Eyes(2014)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Starry Eyes is a film about a woman who would do anything to be a successful actress. It’s a story that has been told time and time again, including the idea of selling your soul to make it. This is one movie that takes that premise and places an emphasis on the psychological impact the desire for success can take on a person.

**Minor Spoilers Follow**

Sarah shares an apartment with her friend Tracy, and they have mutual friends Erin, Poe, and Ashley, although it is made very clear that all of the friends prefer the company of Tracy and would rather just roast and humiliate Sarah – all of this adding to Sarah’s feelings of needing to make it just to be happy. She works at a Hooter’s derivative, adding to the idea that Sarah is already in a business that places worth on her sex appeal rather than her talents and intelligence.

We feel sympathy for Sarah and it helps us understand her motives towards the climax. During her audition for the main role on a film called “The Silver Scream” we even observe how, when she’s on her game, she really can bring it. She is a good actress with a lot to offer, but she is ultimately denied until she is found having a mental breakdown in the bathroom outside the audition office. She is called back in for seconds, and then given a phone call for a role. At this return though, she is offered to either offer sexual pleasure to the CEO of the film studio or bail. Unfortunately, Sarah’s friends are all making fun of her and she has quit her job, so she really has no choice.

From here on, things get completely whacky and gory.

It’s no wonder that this film helped get the duo directors a future gig directing the most recent remake of Stephen King’s Pet Semetary, this film covers the same level of supernatural phenomena and violence as needed. Definitely a fun watch.

Starry Eyes is available for streaming on Shudder.


'Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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