Tales From The Hood (Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursdays]

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

After revisiting Tales From The Hood, I can't say enough as to just how relevant it is especially in recent times. It is an anthology that features urban- themed horror stories, and it talks about drug use, corrupted cops, domestic violence, racism, and gang violence. Each of the stories are a moral tale, and each of the offenders in the stories get their comeuppance. The film is about three kids who go to a funeral parlor to meet an eccentric funeral director to buy some drugs. He then begins to tell them different stories with promises of selling them the drugs at the end. You might be thinking to yourself that a funeral parlor is an odd place to be buying drugs from, and trust me, there is a specific reason for this that plays out at the end. Each of the segments are similar to a Tales of the Crypt episode, which served as an inspiration for this movie. My favorite segment is one called "Boys Get Bruised", though as a trigger warning, this is one that is hard to watch, even though it has a satisfying ending to it. There is a segment called "KKK Comeuppance" that features a doll that could give the Zuni doll from Trilogy of Terror a run for its money. The wraparound segment called "Welcome to My Mortuary" is the one that has most surprised pay off at the end. Clarence Williams does a good job in playing an unassuming off the wall funeral director. You think, oh he is just weird because he's been working in a funeral parlor as long as he has. But then the ending comes, and shows you there is a specific reason behind why he acts the way he does as well as why he is telling the stories to the youths. In a way, he is trying to get them to see sense and appeal to their good natures. But once he realizes they are beyond redemption, then the curtain drops so to speak. Very good film, and highly recommend to watch, especially in these times we are going through now. Till next time, stay safe and stay scared! Auther: Tha Thrilla

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