Tammy and the T-Rex(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday)

Originally released as Tanny and the Teenage T Rex as a family friendly film, the director unearthed the original cut, which was supposed to be as a horror film, and re-released it as Tammy and the T-Rex. This is a wild movie about Tammy(or Tanny) and her boyfriend Michael, who ends up killed and has his brain transplanted into an animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex. This movie was the first starring roles of Denise Richards and a very young baby-faced Paul Walker who were just models at the time trying to catch their big break.

When it comes to the gore content, this cut of the movie does not shy away especially during the scene where they remove the brain from Michael's "corpse". That scene went in so many directions and is just insane to witness. Also you may recognize the assistant as he played Isaac in the Children of the Corn film. The T-Rex kills are pretty gory as well, there is one scene where he just flattens a guy's skull.

You can tell the family friendly aspect as well when Tammy discovers that the dinosaur has her boyfriend's brain and there's silly scenes as they try to escape the police and try to find him a new body. Then there is the off the wall ending where the movie literally ends with a strip tease.

This movie is just way out there, but worth checking out. It is currently streaming uncut on Shudder, but to really get your money's worth, check out the Joe Bob edition with his Joe Bob Puts A Spell On You special.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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