Th13rteen Ghosts(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Thirteen Ghosts is one of those under appreciated classics. Released in 2001, it is a remake of the original film by William Castle that came out in 1960. The premise is a man inherits a house that was once owned by his eccentric uncle. It seems to good to be true, and that ends up being the case when he and his family find themselves trapped in the house with 13 ghosts. The ghosts are all based on what is known as the Black Zodiac which all involves an intricate plot to open a portal to hell.

Once the ghosts come into play, that is when the movie really starts to get fun. Each ghost has their own backstory, and they aren't just your average friendly ghost. The worst of them all, though all of them are terrible in their own way, is the Jackal. He will rip you to shreds without hesitation. Another highlight was a ghost called The Hammer, which kind of reminds of me of Pinhead on steroids. The Pale Princess is beautiful as she is deadly, and she is featured in a bathtub scene that may make one queasy.

I cannot recommend this movie enough, as I said, it was very under appreciated, and deserves to be in everyone's horror movie collection.

Feel free to weigh in below with your thoughts below!!!

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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