The Bay(Quarantino-ween#2)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Amongst the found footage craze, The Bay was one of the ones that slipped through the radar. A lot of people initially ignored it as just being another found footage horror movie, but how wrong we were. Yeah, I can't state just how unsettling this movie is even to this day

So the film uses gathered news footage documenting an incident involving a mysterious outbreak that occurs on 4th of July in the bustling town of Claridge, Maryland. So you really don't to see much of what is happening, and that is where this movie gets you. It can be downright skin crawling and harrowing at times as you are gradually introduced to the threat that is causing the outbreak. I mean they really make it feel like this is an actual thing that happened, and with the circumstances, it could very well be something that actually could happen.

There is one scene in particular that is the best part of the movie as well as being the most disturbing. So two policemen are on their way to a home as there have been reports of screams. So they go to investigate what is going on. One officer goes in as another stays in the squad car. We aren't shown what happens, but we get to hear it. Let's say some shit goes down and the whole thing is...just yeesh. It is probably good we weren't shown it. There are later scenes shown of the after effects of the outbreak, and just seeing the glimpses of that is enough to make you lose your appetite. There are very few movies that disturb me to that point, and this is definitely one of them

So I would say to satisfy your morbid curiosity, definitely check this movie out. I wouldn't recommend eating anything during watching...and to watch it with the lights on. I can't say too much to avoid spoilers but I feel the subject matter of this movie will definitely creep people out. Definitely underrated and a very well done film.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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