The Brood(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

So yes I mentioned this many times before but it bears mentioning again....I love body horror films. I don't quite understand why I have such a fascination towards them. David Cronenberg is a favorite director of mine as he is not afraid to show the true details of what body horror is. Even though it may something disturbing and stomach churning, it is just something that fascinates me to the point that even if I am disgusted by what I see, I can't quite turn away

Which brings us to The Brood. So the film is about a psychologist whose patient are a part of experiment of his. Essentially he makes their emotions physically manifest. He calls it psychoplasmics. He focuses on a woman who is dealing with a custody battle for her daughter with her estranged husband, and she is able to make her rage manifest in certain ways. This leads to mysterious attacks taking place focused on people who are in both their lives, and the husband tries to get to the bottom of what is happening.

This film is disturbing not only as you see what the doctor is doing, but how he manipulates others. He doesn't let us anyone have contact with the wife until he realizes his little experiment had gotten out of control. It is hinted that the wife isn't even aware of what she is doing. And the products of her rage, well they are creepy little buggers. The disgusting part doesn't come until much much later in the film as you see how she projects her rage.

There are many different themes in this film...the lesson of messing with things you should not mess with. The willingness to do anything to protect a child. The messiness of separation and all the emotions that can cause. And most of all, just how deadly anger can be. Definitely worth watching I would say as you can't go wrong when watching a Cronenberg film. The body horror in this one is pretty tame compared to his later films I will say. Anyway, go check it out

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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