The Cleansing Hour(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Horror films about demonic possession are a dime a dozen. You seen one, you usually see them all. They usually follow the same formula. That is the case with The Cleansing Hour, though it does try introducing some new ideas. By the time the film really gets roaring, it's already reached it end. But more on that later.

The movie is about two best friends Max and Drew who are hosting the titular show The Cleansing Hour, where they stage exorcism in a way to make them seem real. That is until Drew's fiancee who stands in for a no show actually ends up possessed. Secrets are revealed as both Drew and Mac find themselves unprepared to battle an actual demonic entity.

So you get much of the same tropes you see in these type of films, though it does try somethings different, such as using technology as a tool against Max and Drew. There is a sequence that involves a pretty twisted game of Hokey Pokey. The possessed fiancee is having its fun at the two friends expense to show just how inexperienced they are. It uses mind games to make them think they have to confess to how they are basically frauds, and more and more secrets get revealed after that.

Then, at the end, it uses the ultimate trickery. The ending is essentially a cliffhanger as this is where the movie really starts getting going. I was wishing this could have been the mid act, but maybe they are setting up for sequels to come. I will say this the way this movie ended...if any one are fans of the Doom game series...I probably was not alone in expecting the Doom Guy to pop in. I would almost say I wish this was set in that universe because it would have been perfect. Much better than the disappointing Doom movies we did get.

All in all, I would say it is something entertaining to watch. More so worth it for the payoff at the end because you will not see it coming. They tease like it going to end like your standard possession film..but then they just take it in a whole new direction. This is currently streaming on Shudder, so go check it out if you are able to. If you have seen The Cleansing Hour, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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