The Dark and The Wicked(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This came suggested to me by a fellow horror aficionado due to how terrifying it was to them. So I decided to see just how terrifying it was...the answer is pretty damn terrifying. Unnerving if you will. Not many films can claim this title, but I can already say it is the top scariest film of 2020.

The film is about two siblings who visit their mother who is trying to cope with losing their dad, who is bedridden. Initially they think her odd behavior is just the result from the stress and grief she is feeling. But eventually they discover there is something more sinister that is trying to invade their lives.

So this film is already following the formula that is more known from Ari Aster with using grief as a framing for something more horrifying. However where this film succeeds most is using atmospheric terror. You never really see directly exactly what is that is terrifying this family. It is all through sound where the scares reside the most. There are a few moments that caused me to jump out of my seat. The entity also uses trickery to its advantage where it will appear as a normal person but then communicate through that. It definitely made for some wtf moments there.

I will warn you...other than the scares...this is a hard movie to watch if you are unprepared for it. For example, there is a sequence that just so harrowing and raw, I was in tears during the whole thing, and just when you thought that was enough, it really twists the knife on you. It comes towards the end of the movie, but just it will come so unexpectedly that there is really no way to prepare for it. You will just be watching it unfold as you gasp repeatedly. That's what my reaction to it, I gasped, then I was in tears, and there was the final WTF as the sequence ended.

I am not one to just praise a film just to praise it. If it connects with me in a way to make me feel actual stark terror, plus keep me up well after it's over, then that means it was actually that good of a horror movie. Right now, this movie is only available as a rental, but it will be coming to Shudder in 2021. But I definitely recommend watching this film, just do it with the lights on. A very atmospheric horror story film done well in my opinion. If you by chance have already been subjected to The Dark and The Wicked, I love to know your thoughts on it below!

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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