The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Today's entry is technically a throwback, even though the series was just released on Netflix. I wanted to discuss the prequel to Dark Crystal, as well the main movie itself. Dark Crystal has always been an absolute childhood favorite of mine. I remember as a little kid when I first watched the movie, being absolutely terrified of the antagonists of the film, known as the Skeksis, and also being mesmerized by the wonder of the world portrayed in the movie. Watching the movie, it is easy to forget that what you see before your eyes was all hand-crafted, and that you are watching puppets.

There are definitely horror elements in the Dark Crystal, especially in the scenes involving the Skeskis, who are reptilian bird like creatures. They are power hungry, mad, and will do anything to stake their claim to the Dark Crystal which is what the movie was named after. The crystal has been corrupted by these creatures for them to use for their own nefarious deeds.

The prequel series Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance expands on the evilness of the Skeksis as they are not only responsible for a phenomenon known as the Darkening, they are also responsible for the almost complete eradication of the another race known as the Gelfing. The Gelfing are these elf-like fairy creatures who are drawn together as the only hope of possibly defeating the Skeksis once and for all. But there are also other threats they must face on top of the looming threat that the Skeksis pose.

The original movie did a good job of introducing us the personality of each of the Skeksis, and the prequel series expands on that even more. I think the most infamous out of them all was the one known as the Chamberlain. He is the clever one, and really the one to watch out for, as he is willing to play both sides for his own nefarious needs. Then you have the Scientist, who is absolutely mad, cackling in every scene he is in. The Emperor is as imposing as his name, power hungry, and rules with an iron fist. You come to realize just how threatening each and every one of them are.

For reasons, they are in charged with protecting the Dark Crystal, but when they realize just how powerful the crystal is, they corrupt it, and use it to impose their rule upon the land. Everything is thrown out of balance, and it is up to the Gelfing to set the balance back. Do they succeed? Between the prequel series and the movie, that remains to be seen.

So even though it is considered more of a fantasy, this will appeal to horror fans, There are some scare factors with the different creatures you are shown, and I could argue the Skeskis could be considered nightmare inducing alone. Definitely worth checking out.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree the Dark Crystal franchise has elements of horror? Did it frighten you as a child? Feel free to weigh in below!!

Till next time, stay scared -Tha Thrilla-

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