The Fly II(1989)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesdays]

Since we’re celebrating Slippery Splattery September, and since Anthony made a post about Cronenberg’s masterpiece last week, I thought it was only appropriate to tackle the underseen sequel, ‘The Fly II’.

Written by a gang of characters including Mick Garris (Stephen King’s The Stand, Sleepwalkers), Jim & Ken Wheat (Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick) and Frank Darabont (The Blob [1988], Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors), and directed by special effects artist Chris Walas (artist for Gremlins, Airplane!, Arachnophobia), this sequel picks up where David Cronenberg’s fantastic remake concludes.

If you recall in the original version, Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis are romantically engaged before, and during, Seth Brundle’s transformation. One highlight that occurs is Veronica getting pregnant and having nightmares about giving birth to a monster.

So naturally, our sequel begins with that exact scenario. Veronica gives birth and dies during labor, but she gives birth to a regular, healthy human baby. All the fears of a 2-foot long maggot are sighed away and laughed at. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing extraordinary going on here. He ages exceedingly fast, is extremely smart, has healing abilities, and never sleeps. He is almost-human, but thankfully it’s to a degree where he’s more human on the outside and fly-like on the inside.

Martin Brundle is born and then raised in a laboratory under extreme supervision from a nefarious corporation. They want him to find the problems with his father’s still-functioning TelePods and correct it. When we meet him he is only 5 years old – but on the outside he is a fully grown young adult. When Martin meets a woman who is fascinated by him, he begins to learn about the corporation that hosts him – and learns that he is being treated as a prisoner. She helps him get out for a single night (for the first time) for his birthday, and this is when he learns about the corporation that’s hosting him and what they are up to. It’s not long after though that his dormant insect genes kick into overdrive, and he begins to transform into MartinFly, the deadliest of the BrundleFly species.

This movie is super goopy just like its predecessor, and it has an interesting story that you honestly have to see to believe. Full of twists and dark tones that shadow the entire vision, it’s a nonstop growth under mysterious circumstances. The scene where Martin first learns exactly what the corporation is up to is horribly upsetting. It’s not often I’m repulsed and crying at the same time, but this one does the trick.

In a world of sequels, this one doesn’t fall into the worser categories like most of them do. I believe this one is only less talked about simply because it’s a bit hard to find. But it is currently on sale in a deluxe box set from Scream! Factory, and it is also streaming on Amazon Prime.


‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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