The Gate(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

Everyone has their movie that was influential to them ever since childhood. For most people, that movie was ET. For me however that movie was The Gate. That was my ET.


was barely a teenager when I first seen this movie. I remember seeing it, partially scared, but mainly fascinated by what I was seeing. The movie is about two boys who accidentally open a portal to Hell. They find themselves in a fight for their lives as well as their souls against the denizens of Hell.

There was so many memorable scenes from The Gate, the one that really stuck with me is the following scene. So the parents go off on a business trip or what have you, which this takes place after the portal was opened. So the boys are left alone as stuff starts going down. Anyway, one of the boys looks out to see that the parents have returned. Thinking he is going to be saved from the forces of Hell, he runs out to them overjoyed. The father grabs him, forcefully picks him up, and growls into his face "You been bad!!". As this is happening, the mother is laughing and laughing, and she literally laughs her head off. As it actually falls off her body and hits the ground. Man, that gave me nightmares for days, I tell you that.

There are other memorable scenes, such as when a worker zombie appears, falls on the ground, and splits into tiny demons. Or the scene where one of the boys searches in the closet for a toy rocket, and the other boy who has been demonified grabs his hand, and chomps on it. Then there is the final scene where the tiny demons summons their master.

This movie has been and will always be a childhood classic for me. I still watch it as an adult. I would say The Gate helped further my interest in horror, and influenced me to become even more of a fan. Definitely one of those unforgettable films as far as I am concerned.

Till next time, stay scared

-Tha Thrilla-

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