The Girl On The Third Floor(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

This movie exists to prove that yes, atmospheric horror exists, and this film uses it very effectively. The premise is about a husband, played by WWE superstar CM Punk btw, who purchases a home for his pregnant wife so they have somewhere to raise a family. The home needs some renovations, however as he makes changes to the house, it also dredges up the hidden demons of the house, as well as his own hidden demons

You will never see marbles in the same way again after seeing this. It does have a slow start, but little by little, it creates dread and just continue to feeds it. It gets to the point you don't want to take your mind off the screen or you might miss something occurring in the background.There is a good bit of creepy imagery that happens later, especially as it reaches its climax. And there is one creepy ghost/demon that appears that looks disgusting as heck, and it is all done with practical effects, which I appreciated. I am sure there was some CGI involved, but you could hardly tell

Definitely recommend checking this movie out, as it's available on Netflix as we speak. There was some hype going around about this movie creeping viewers out, and it is definitely true as far as that goes. It will definitely creep you out as well as keep you thinking about what you saw after you are done watching. So far, this is a top favorite horror film of 2020

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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