The Girl With All The Gifts(Quarantino-ween #1)(Review)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

So for the month of April, I decided to celebrate Quarantinoween, so my reviews will highlight films that fit the themes of outbreaks or being under quarantine

You have to appreciate this films that give us a different perspective of the zombie apocalypse. The Girl With All The Gifts gives us a new sort of zombie, and how humanity's salvation lies in a special little girl. The movie is about a world that is well into a zombie outbreak, essentially most of humanity is mindless drones being controlled by a mutated fungus. However the infected children are able to show signs of intelligence and seem completely human. One little girl especially shows strong immunity, and we follow her story as she struggles with helping her fellow humans fight back, as well as battling the infections hold on her.

The zombie in this movie are affectionately known as Hungries, and they can be quite terrifying as they will pursue anything in sight. The children are a threat as they can seem so human and are intelligent enough to set traps for their prey. You really get a feel for how hopeless everything is, especially as you see how the fungus evolves them. Some scenes really ramp the intensity as people are navigating through throngs of Hungries. Then the conclusion as you learn that yes the little girl seems to be a beacon of hope, but she could also be the doom of all mankind.

I definitely recommend watching this one as it definitely gives us something different as far as a zombie film goes. The scare factor is definitely there as it presents a scenario that wouldn't be too far fetched. If you seen The Girl With All The Gifts, feel free to leave your thoughts below

Till next time, stay scared and safe!! -Tha Thrilla-

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