The House on Haunted Hill(1999)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday

Dark Castle Productions debuted in 1999 with their remake of The House on Haunted Hill. The movie is about 6 strangers who are offered $1 million dollars each by an eccentric millionaire if they can survive the night in what used to be an insane asylum. The billionaire named Stephen Price was an homage to Vincent Price who starred in the original. We also see the voluptuous Famke Janssen who stars as Price's estranged wife, and Chris Kattan who runs around as the comic relief trying to play off as serious but it doesn't work so well.

The remake was okay enough, had plenty of gore, creepy imagery, and gruitous nudity. Stephen Price and his wife trade barbs at each other and initially everything seems a part of whatever sick game they are playing. But little by little everyone realizes there is something very wrong here, especially when people start turning up dead. It all leads to a 90's CGI filled Lovecraftian ending.

This movie still offers entertainment and is one of the best ones in the Dark Castle library. It ended up with a very subpar and forgettable sequel The Return to House on Haunted Hill. This also ended up being the first and last movie that used a gimmick which was famously used by William Castle to help promote his films. What they did for this movie was to give people who saw it scratch off tickets, and they had a chance to win up to 1 million dollars, just like the people in the movie. It's worth checking out especially to see if it still holds up, which yeah, it kind of does.

Till next time, stay safe and stay scared!! - Tha Thrilla -

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