The Invitation(2015)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Director Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s Body, Aeon Flux) gives us a slow burn of epic proportions with ‘The Invitation’. When Will is sent a request to attend a dinner party by his ex-wife Eden, he brings his current girlfriend and swallows any anxieties he may have inside. We don’t know exactly what’s going on just yet, but we know that there’s something bothering Will.

***This film is fantastic to enter blindly, so if you wish to avoid spoilers please skip to the last paragraph***

Shortly after he arrives, we are quickly filled in on the fact that Will and Eden had lost a child together shortly before they split up. As the dinner party resumes, we meet old and new friends alike who have also been invited, (most of which are familiar of their history and are trying to be respectful and supportive), and after a bit of casual drinking and some party games, Eden and her new boyfriend sit everyone down to watch an unsettling video. From a far the video is poised as a cult-like initiation ceremony, but up close it really is centered around the idea of simply accepting death. The debates for how grisly vs how beautiful this perspective is causes some tension to grow through the group.

As the dinner continues, the situation gets weirder and darker. The tone keeps shifting, and there’s a lot of red herrings throughout so it’s rather hard to keep up with what’s a legitimate concern. But all the way until the credits roll, we are given a show that is hard to look away from, and almost as complicated to follow.

This film is technically a slow burn, and there’s really very little action throughout it, but if you are willing to sit down and watch a character piece build up to a stunning conclusion (and trust me, it’s worth it), then you will find yourself presented with a very unique treat. A very unique experience that crawls its way under your skin and makes itself at home. Consider this your own formal invitation to watch – The Invitation.

4/5 ‘Til Next Time, Mike Cleopatra

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