The Kids Will Be Alright[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

What is the appeal of movies that features a gang of kids, usually misfits or kids who just did not belong, that are pitted against an ultimate evil or evils? We talked about this happening in Stephen King's IT, and we also seen this in movies such as Monster Squad, Goonies, The Gate, and even Lost Boys. We see kids in these movies who have little to no adult supervision, and who end up hanging together who are usually brought together for some higher purpose. And sometimes it just happens to be just random happenstance. But through the power of their friendship, it seems evil does not stand a chance.

Let's look at Monster Squad for a bit here. You have Dracula, Wolfman, the Mummy, Frankenstein, and a facsimile of the Creature From the Black Lagoon. This is the ultimate team up of monsters, the end all be all, the ultimate monster squad. Yet they end up being bested by a gang of kids, kids who cannot even stand up for themselves against other kids and adults, yet they can outsmart and defeat this evil crew. These are kids who downright would find themselves killed or eaten, yet they manage to elude their fate. How is that possible? Is the power of teamwork really enough to defeat the forces against them? Or is it something about the fact they are all misfits and there is some power behind that?

This is really emphasized in The Goonies, which hey I think it sort of counts as a horror movie. A group of friends come together to find a way to help their parents from having their house sold off and end up on a treasure hunt, which leads them into the path of the Fratellis, the worst bunch of people you could come across, who are searching for the same treasure. Yet with ingenuity and just plain dumb luck, they end up winning the day, with the Fratellis being sent to jail. These kids would have been dead meat in any normal situation. Yet, they avoided that fate.

Even the most recent Netflix Series Stranger Things explores that trope with a group of kids facing evil from another fricken dimension. Another fricken dimension, yet because they befriended another kids who has psychic powers, they are able to band together to thwart the ultimate evil.

So what do you think movies like this are trying to tell us? Is there great power in the friendship between a bunch of loser and misfits? And is that enough to defeat the evils they are facing? And do you think in a way we identify with these kids because in a way we wish we had that same power the defeat the evils of reality, especially when we were younger?

Feel free to weigh in below as I love to know other's thoughts!! And till next time, stay scared!!!

-Tha Thrilla-

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