The Lost Boys(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

I can't speak enough of how perfect The Lost Boys is as coming of age film about vampires. This brought vampires to the modern age, and this one of the best vampire films of the 80's.

So the film about a mom and her two sons who move to California. Everyone is trying to fit in to their new locale. The younger brother finds kindred spirits in a couple nerds who know all about vampires. The older brother falls for a woman who is in league with the local hoodlums, who turn out to be a gang of vampires. The mom tries to find a new job, and even finds what she thinks is newfound love

Most of the movie is centered around the older brother named Michael and how he tries to not only impress the girl, but also tries to fit in with the hoodlums. It becomes this match of who can be the most macho, which leads Michael to become a vampire himself. There is this friendly rivalry between him and the leader of the gang that can turn deadly at any second as they both try to prove themselves as the alpha male. If you really dive into it, it really tells a moral of the lengths we will go to fit in, especially if we are doing it for the purpose of winning the affections of a potential mate

Of course, we can't forget the memorable lines such as "Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots." Or "My own brother a goddamned shit sucking vampire!" And much more. The visuals of the movie. The effects. And the official theme of The Lost Boys "Cry Little Sister". They certainly don't make movies like this anymore, and this will always be a classic in my book.

Eventually they released two sequels Lost Boys:The Tribe in 2008 and Lost Boys:The Thirst in 2010. They failed at creating the magic of the first film, and both were pretty forgettable. There is talk of a Lost Boys tv series which I really hope doesn't come to fruition, as much as I like to see the world of the movie be given more life, there is no way it could do justice to the original movie.

Lost Boys may have been entirely responsible for furthering my love of horror, as well as vampire movies as a whole. Even today, it stands the test of time.

Till next time, stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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