The Mortuary Collection(Review)(Happy Halloween #9)[Terrifying Theatrical Tuesday]

Updated: Oct 5

Horror anthology movies are my favorite, and with most of them, you have your winners and your real stinkers. The Mortuary Collection deserves its spot in the win column. It is a collection of tales that are curated by The Mortician, a role played by Clancy Brown. He is no stranger to horror and he does a remarkable job here.

So the wrap-around segment features The Mortician telling different tales to a woman who is interested in a job there. The first tale is about a woman who discovers Lovecraftian Horrors hiding in the medicine cabinet of a bathroom, it's pretty short and sweet. The next tale, which I thought was the best of the bunch is about a frat boy looking to score and he learns to his horror the consequences of not practicing safe sex. This one was also very disturbing because you wonder if they are going to go there with what they are showing, and yeah it goes there in very graphic detail.

The third tale, which I felt was the weakest, is about a husband who is trying to care for his comotose wife, and learns the opposite of the vow of til death do you part. The fourth tale picks it back up with a little spin of the babysitter being stalked by a killer, but who is who?

The final story leads into the wrap-around segment where The Mortician reveals his purpose and you find out more about the women, who is not all she seems. It reminded me a bit of Tales From The Hood with the way it ended. All in all, this is the perfect Halloween treat, and very well worth checking out. I enjoyed myself and would like to hopefully see more. I definitely enjoyed this more than Books of Blood, that's for sure. If you have seen The Mortuary Collection, feel free to leave your thoughts below!!

Till next time, Happy Halloween, and stay scared!! -Tha Thrilla-

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