The Night of the Living Dead(1968)(Review)[Twisted Throwback Thursday]

I don't think anyone can forget the memorable line of "They are coming to get you Barbara!!"

Night of the Living Dead was originally released in 1968 by George Romero. I do believe this film more than anything was responsible for initially kickstarting the zombie craze. What was even more amazing, and something that cemented this movie's popularity in the years to come, was not only was this a horror movie, but this was meant as a social commentary on the state of the world at the time

At a time where it wasn't really that common, this was one of the first horror films that portrayed an African American in a lead role. Not only was that memorable enough, but I am sure we all remember the scene of the little girl in the basement. She set the tone for all the creepy little girls to come.

Oh yeah, this movie didn't skimp at all on the level of gore, nor the level of terror the viewers are subjected to. Even with the film being in black and white, it is still just as terrifying and unforgiving as it was when it first came out. This is the first introduction to the slow moving zombie, mindlessly searching for flesh to feast on. This movie set the rules for future zombie movies to come. Anyone bit by a zombie was doomed to become a zombie themselves. The best way to kill a zombie is by shooting them in the head. As to what caused the dead to reanimate in the first place? Radiation or maybe a satellite from space? That was something future movies used or used a new disease as an explanation.

The movie was remade into color by Tom Savini in 1990, and it was a very faithful adaptation of the original. Even now, it is hard to deny the legacy of the film, which ended up spawning a successful film franchise. The TV series The Walking Dead based on the comics by the same name can say its success is due to how popular The Night of the Living Dead is.

What are your thoughts on the original Night of the Living Dead? Is it still very influential to you? Feel free to weigh in below!!!

Till next time(which will be a very special Halloween edition), stay scared!!! -Tha Thrilla-

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