The Nun(2018)(Review)[Weirdo Wednesday]

Let’s be honest, most modern-day horror films are only arguably frightening. Most of the time they rely on super loud jump scares to sell the horror, actors with a sellable amount of sex appeal, and are made simply as popcorn flicks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but we must lay out this boundary. There are films that exist just to fill seats in a theater and prolong a film’s universe to continue the legacy and milk out its revenue for what it’s worth.

Then along comes Corin Hardy’s The Nun. This movie is fucking scary. It’s very atmospheric taking place almost entirely inside a real castle and in an unsettling section of the woods. The music involves a lot of throat-singing and rhythmic chanting. The story is not only believable, but very hypnotic. The characters are well played and given layers to explore. The makeup and costumes are accurate to the themes, and the titular Nun is terrifying to see. There are plenty of jump scares too, but there is so much more being offered here that they are very much welcomed.

To put it short, this movie has everything you could want minus the gore. This is a movie with an R rating that only features a handful of on screen deaths – all of which are rather tame, just like the rest of the films within the Conjuring Universe. The terror and imagery is unsettling enough to establish a restricted rating.

The story is broken into 3 main acts – the back story, the investigation into the back story, and then the current state of events leading us to her existence in the Conjuring Universe. The pacing of this film is gripping; it happens so fast that by the time the final act approaches it’s hard to believe you already arrived there.

In my opinion, a great horror film is one that strikes up a conversation, has nightmare imagery that lingers in your head for a few days at least, and has you walking away feeling as if you got your money’s worth. I happily insist that this movie checks all three of those boxes. Grab a friend or a loved one, make yourself a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the old-school atmospheric horror that is The Nun.

The Nun is available for digital streaming and in stores on DVD & Blu-Ray.


'Til next time, Mike Cleopatra

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